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The 10 Best Apps to Make Money

This is not the first time I tell you about the different ways to make money on the internet. There is a way to make a small income supplement with all the sites that exist. But you do not always have the time or the desire to do paid tasks behind your computer. Did you know that the number of people connecting to the internet through the smartphone is more and more important? No wonder, no matter where you are, you can access our emails, websites and especially applications. And to make money on the internet, you have to spend time there. What’s better then the smartphone? You can earn money wherever you are, take your time off at that … That’s why I have included in this article, the 10 best applications to earn money.

10 Apps to make money or gifts with a smartphone:

I have already devoted two articles that explain how to make money on the internet and which groups sites to earn money or some applications too. I gave you sites where it is very easy to register and very easy to access to earn money like IPSOS-I-Say , Greenpanthera (4 euros offered), Toluna or MySurvey or multi-gain sites like Moolineo or Loonéa . Some of these sites have their applications:

Apps to make money with paid surveys:

# 1- Toluna
Toluna is a site of paid surveys: the principle is simple, you answer the polls against money. Attention only some profiles interest some brands.

This app is from 16 years old, a big plus if you are a teenager.

The payment threshold is 5 euros , so you can be paid quickly and you can get paid by bank transfer. You can also increase your earnings by sponsoring others.

# 2 Mysurvey
To register you must complete its profile as on all survey applications, to offer you offers corresponding to the target.

The payment threshold is also 5 euros.

You are paid by Paypal or gift vouchers.

There is also a sponsorship system.

Application to make money watching videos:

# 3 Apptrailer
It is an application for iphone and android. You have to watch videos about the games. There are also pubs to watch and daily scratch tickets that earn you points.

The minimum payment threshold is very low: 0.5 dollars and you are paid by promo codes, gift certificates or money by Paypal.

Apps to make money by watching ads

# 4 Swiper
Great app to make money, which allows you to make money every time you unlock your smartphone, it’s not great? Advertisements will be displayed but not obliged to watch them.

You can earn about 10 euros a month by making a daily gesture. Be careful not to become a snag of the thumb sweep, beware of tendonitis!

What do you earn? Gifts such as movie theaters, gift vouchers or Paypal transfers.

The only problem: Available only on Android

Payment threshold: 5 euros

# 5 Slidejoy

Same principle as swiper, you earn money by unlocking your smartphone: You slide to the left to see the ad or to the right to see your homepage.

Payment threshold of 2 dollars

Payment by paypal or gift voucher.

Available only on Android.

# 6 Ulike
Same principle as previous applications, you earn money by unlocking your smartphone:

You earn money by slid right to access your homepage simply or by slider left to see the ads and earn a little more money

Same as the other two, only available on Android

Payment threshold: 5 euros

Payment by discount codes, gift certificates and gifts.

Apps for making money while shopping:

# 7 Step in
It is an application to earn money by entering the store partners, nothing more simple. We will also offer discounts for these stores and earn more points by consulting online catalogs.

You understand the interests of brands for this type of application: It makes you come to their homes to consume more.

This is still a very good plan if you know how to separate things.

Payment : gift cards and gifts

# 8 Mobeye:
Application for making money in stores

How it works ?

You make visits to the stores to do price surveys, or check the location of advertisements or products.

Each mission pays 3 euros.

The payment threshold is 7 euros.

Payment by bank transfer or paypal.

Make money by downloading apps and testing them

# 9 Cashpirate
You must download free apps to your smartphone to test them.

Then you launch them at least 1 minute to test them.

If you keep the app a few days on the phone you win more.

It is also possible to make more money by watching videos or responding to surveys.

Sponsorship system on 2 levels.

Application in English available only on android

Payment threshold of $ 2.50

Payment: paypal, gift vouchers, amazon shopping vouchers etc …

# 10 Appvip
You earn money by testing applications:

You download, watch it and then you have to answer a questionnaire to evaluate the application on several criteria.

payment threshold 2 euros

Sponsorship possible.

Payment : Amazon checks or Paypal transfer



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